WIR 8/24-8/31

Tuesday 8/24: Checked Cambridge Res before work. At least 2 terns were still around. Ran over to the north side as well, found the Red-shouldered but nothing else.

Wednesday 8/25: Hardy Pond in the rain without anything of note.

Thursday 8/26: Prospect Hill at lunch had a redstart. Led a BBC/MBC walk at Great Meadows in the evening. Had about 150 very distant nighthawks and tons of swallows but shorebirds were nonexistent.

Friday 8/27: Paine at lunch had a small flock of warblers including Redstart, Magnolia, Pine, and Black-and-white. Ran over to Mystic Lakes after work where we found the Laughing Gull (county bird #3 of the week) but couldn’t find the Bonaparte’s. Stopped at Dunback on the way home without much of anything (no Golden-wing).


Weekend 8/28-8/29: BBC Pelagic, separate post tomorrow. It was good.

Monday 8/30: Paine had a single Black-and-white.

Tuesday 8/31: Prospect Hill had a Gray Hairstreak.