WIR 9/8-9/14

Wednesday 9/8: Tried to hit northern end of the Cambridge Res before work between thunderstorms. Found two Pectoral Sandpipers and then got soaked. Think there was more but it was too dark even when it wasn’t raining.

Thursday 9/9: Day off. Morning run around Dunback had a Bay-breasted, many redstarts, a couple parula, Magnolia, a Veery, and a heard only Philadelphia Vireo. Led my second evening BBC/MBC walk to Great Meadows. I had 5 species of swallow including several Cliff and 2 nighthawks, the group had 2 Osprey, a Kestrel, a Harrier, and a Great Egret.

Friday 9/10: Prospect Hill before work had a good flock at Big Prospect including my earliest fall Yellow-rump in Middlesex county and more of the same warblers I’ve been seeing all week. Paine at lunch had another Bay-breasted and more of the same.

Saturday 9/11: Hayden Woods were pretty quiet with an Ovenbird, a couple redstarts, and 2 BT Greens. Also at least 6 flickers on the field. Cambridge Res had a Baird’s (separate post). Rock Meadow was very quiet.

Sunday 9/12: Joined the Menotomy trip at Arlington Res. First of fall Nashville Warbler and both Green-winged and Blue-winged Teal among other stuff. Busa field looks real good for sparrows.

Monday 9/13: Duck ponds had a hummingbird and a slightly leucistic robin and not much else.

Tuesday 9/14: Purgatory Cove had 40+ Wood Ducks and 2 Green Herons.