WIR 9/15-9/21

Wednesday 9/15: Started the day with a young Broad-wing on the wires across from the driveway (yard bird #95!). Beaver Brook North before work, ended up working the parkway mostly. Three deer, a couple of the common warblers, tons of goldfinches, a Veery (#140 for the year in Waltham!), and an Oporornis that got away. Prospect Hill at lunch had another 10 Broad-wings, a Sharpie, and a few more common warblers. Two more Broad-wings over the yard in the afternoon.

Thursday 9/16: Back side of Prospect Hill. One red-tail, 1 Sharpie, not much else.

Friday 9/17: Only had a little time at lunch, so a very quick stop at Purgatory Cove. Three Green Herons, a Solitary Sandpiper, several Least and Semipalmated Sandpipers, and  the usual Wood Ducks.

Saturday 9/18: Pretty much stayed in. Couple walks around the neighborhood revealed a bunch of Blackpolls passing through and a Red-eyed Vireo flew through the yard as I got back.

Sunday 9/19: Started with Lot 1 and the West Meadow, which were fairly quiet, then Arlington Res which had a nice selection of ducks and shorebirds with a few warblers and first of year White-throated Sparrow (details posted to ArlingtonBirds).

Monday 9/20: BBN had some Golden-crowned Kinglets and a few other things of minimal interest.

Tuesday 9/21: Prospect Hill before work was quiet up until I had to leave. Few Blackpolls and White-throats, 2 Swainson’s Thrushes (I think), and then a Magnolia back at the car. Ovenbird was the only thing of note at Paine at lunch.