WIR 9/29-10/5

Wednesday 9/29: BBN was very quiet along the parkway.

Thursday 9/30: Duck ponds were pretty quiet at lunch time. Final evening Great Meadows walk had a bunch of Chimney Swifts, a Cliff Swallow or two, and a few of the usual raptors.

Friday 10/1: Hardy Pond had more Chimney Swifts, a House Wren, and a couple warblers between rain showers.

Saturday 10/2

Sunday 10/3: Led a walk to BBN. Stayed cool and cloudy. Lots of Chipping Sparrows, robins, and Yellow-rumps and not much else. After the walk, checked Rock Meadow (nothing), McLean (Red-eyed Vireo), Waltham St (White-crowned Sparrow and Purple Finch), and Cambridge Res (Greater Yellowlegs).

Monday 10/4: Purgatory Cove had a few Chimney Swifts and way less Wood Ducks.

Tuesday 10/5: Prospect Hill finally had my first junco of the fall.