WIR 10/20-10/26

Wednesday 10/20: Started the day at Great Meadows hoping for yesterday’s martin sp without luck. Tons of sparrows and ducks. Purgatory Cove at lunch: 2 Pied-billed Grebe, 1 wigeon, 1 Blackpoll. Back to Great Meadows again: Rough-winged Swallow, Bittern, Peregrine putting on a good show, and a Greater White-fronted Goose that flew in as light disappeared (luckily it was calling and drew attention). Also had a mink running around at our feet.

Thursday 10/21: Duck ponds had nothing.

Friday 10/22: Prospect Hill was too windy but a Hermit Thrush and 7 turkeys were good.

Saturday 10/23: Started with Cambridge Res (nothing) and Flint’s Pond (4 Black Scoter). On through Nine Acre Corner to the School St. Fields in Acton where the Barnacle Goose was very obvious. Lots of pipits as well and a huge flock of grackles went over. Almost everyone there ended up at Great Meadows. Spent 4 hours there with no martin but got the Grasshopper Sparrow and 2 bitterns, including one at very close range. Quick stop at the north end of the Cambridge Res on the way home for lunch (nothing) then back to Great Meadows with parents for another couple hours. A swift and a couple swallows overhead and the mink made another pass but not much else. Pictures coming in another post sooner or later.

Sunday 10/24: Spent 3 hours wandering around Dunback. Highlights: Fox Sparrow (finally one in October), American Tree Sparrow, and another Grasshopper Sparrow. Got home and found siskins on Miriam and then ruddies, ring-necks, and hooded mergansers seeing if they were anywhere near Hardy Pond. Trying for them again later, a Merlin was perched on an antenna.

Monday 10/25: Poked around BBN, tons and tons of juncos and not a whole lot else.

Tuesday 10/26: Prospect Hill had a bluebird or two flying over and nothing else.