WIR 11/24-12/1

Day late but it works better going forward.

Wednesday 11/24: Out of work early so checked Dunback and Waltham St with pretty much nothing.

Thursday 11/25: Out to Ethan’s but nothing good on the way or at his feeders.

Friday 11/26: Too foggy and rainy to do anything outside at Ethan’s, nothing on the ride home.

Saturday 11/27: Long walk through Lot 1 to BBN. Flock of waxwings and 2 deer at the boardwalk, handful of red-wings elsewhere was about it. Afternoon walk over to Hardy Pond added Gadwall to the on-foot list, #100 for the year without much effort. Adult Cooper’s in the yard was the 3rd Accipiter of the week (Sharpie earlier, juv Cooper’s yesterday).

Sunday 11/28: Went hunting for longspurs. No luck (Meriam’s Corner, School St, Nine Acre Corner side fields). Did have a big flock of pipits and a few Horned Lark at School St and heard a Pileated at the land trust fields behind NAC. Afternoon walk around the Arlington Res was pretty quiet, one teal, 12ish ruddy.

Monday 11/29: Checked the field station briefly. Saw more rodents than birds and the rodent count was 2.

Tuesday 11/30: Lyman Pond was pretty quiet (geese and mallards).

Wednesday 12/1: Purgatory Cove: 6 scaup (Lesser I think), 1 Gadwall, 1 Double-crested Cormorant.