WIR 12/2-12/11

Adjusting dates again as I got lazy.

Thursday 12/2-Monday 12/6: New Jersey and Delaware. Trip report in prep but highlights included thousands of geese, a few Tundra Swans, many eagles, good numbers of shorebirds, etc.

Tuesday 12/7: Prospect Hill was quiet.

Wednesday 12/8: Paine was even quieter.

Thursday 12/9: Didn’t get out.

Friday 12/10: Mother found a warbler at Government Center, I couldn’t find it. Quick run along the Charles had 5 Ring-necks, 3 Common Mergansers, a few Hoodies, and a Great Blue Heron.

Saturday 12/11: Started CBC scouting by walking through BBN. Not a whole lot but 2 Cedar Waxwings in Lot 1, many robins at the West Meadow, and about 10 Tree Sparrows at the McLaughlin building weren’t bad. Back to Government Center (no warbler), then on to the Charles. Seemed quieter than yesterday (more hoodies, a second heron, but only 1 Ring-neck and no Commons). Kingfisher was good though. On to Woerd Ave (frozen), then back to the Moody to Prospect St loop. Another ring-neck but otherwise common stuff. Attempted to go for geese but none of the flocks were in a spot that was suited for stopped, so on to Flint’s Pond (couple goldeneye, bunch of ruddy) and then the Cambridge Res. Mostly frozen but one puddle had about 25 swans, another had 8 goldeneye, and the third had several hundred ducks including 20 Wood, 20 Hooded Merganser, 7 Common Merganser, 2 Gadwall, 1 American Wigeon, and many Mallard and Black.