WIR 2/23-3/1

Wednesday 2/23: Hairy putting on a good show at the end of the street. Interesting call down there as well.

Thursday 2/24: Redpoll flew over the street. Grackle as I got out of the car at work. Charles had about the same including the funky goldeneye back with one of the young males.

Friday 2/25: Rainy.

Saturday 2/26: Menotomy trip to Plum and vicinity. Highlights included about 9 Bald Eagles, a Rough-legged Hawk, and a Northern Shrike. Pictures sooner or later.

Sunday 2/27: Too snowy and nothing of note in the yard.

Monday 2/28: Surprisingly not rainy. Charles had 17 Ring-necks, 2 coot, 1 goldeneye (regular-looking female). Thankfully that should be the last date the Ring-necks and coots show up on the eBird gadget.

Tuesday 3/1: Blackbird explosion down the street with 20+ grackles and 5+ Red-wings. Two tree sparrows were nice as well. Beaver Brook Ponds had nothing different at lunch beyond a Turkey Vulture flying up Mill St.