WIR 2/16-2/22

Wednesday 2/16: Forest Grove, pretty quiet. Big flock of ducks in one of the little open spots but appeared to be all Mallard. Crows were going slightly crazy directly over where I parked and on return, I heard a Great Horned Owl calling (12:40 in the afternoon, rather odd). Eventually found it in the tree next to the car.

Thursday 2/17: Turkey Vulture over Waverly Oaks Rd and Beaver St. Not much at Beaver Brook (although black duck was apparently new for me there). Two Wood Ducks in front of the YMCA.

Friday 2/18: Charles: Scaup back, 19 Ring-necks, 4 Hoodie, no Common Merg, no Goldeneye, no Fish Crow. At the Newton St overlook, there were 8 Wood Ducks walking on the opposite shore (a good couple feet from the edge). A few feet further on, I watched 6 Wood Ducks flying off to the north and there were only two in that spot when I returned, so looks like they mostly moved on.

Saturday 2/19: Too windy

Sunday 2/20: Drove around the Sudbury River Valley a bit. Bluebird at Nine Acre Corner, 1 Ring-neck and 1 Common Merganser at River Rd, nothing else. Charlesbank had 8 Ring-necks and 4 Hoodies. Nothing at Forest Grove. Four blackbird sp down the street.

Monday 2/21: Stayed in.

Tuesday 2/22: Duck ponds. Very little open but a kingfisher was a nice surprise.