WIR 8/3-8/9

Wednesday 8/3: Lyman Pond had kingfishers (maybe 3), lots of Wood Ducks, and not much else. No mud flat yet. Three night-herons flew over the street on an evening walk (would have been a yard bird if I was closer to home, hopefully they’ll repeat that tomorrow).

Thursday 8/4: Charles at lunch. Powdered Dancers were new for there and a surprise. Tons of Blue-fronted and a couple Variable made for a 3 dancer day. Not much else though.

Friday 8/5: Purgatory Cove: 3 Green Heron, 1 Solitary, Spotted (maybe 2), and Least Sandpipers, tons of Barn Swallows on the wires.

Saturday 8/6: Started at Rock Meadow where I finally confirmed Willow Flycatcher (thanks Bob). On to the Beaver Brook ponds where I missed a redstart but not much else. Later I checked the Cambridge Res (nothing new) and Fort Pond Brook (first Lance-tipped Darner of the year).

Sunday 8/7: Too nasty to go out. Did have a Broad-winged fly over my uncle’s house in NH.

Monday 8/8: Checked Cambridge Res again. One Killdeer, a few mallards and geese.

Tuesday 8/9: Duck ponds again. Green Heron still around but not much else. Sunday’s rain got rid of all the mud. Interesting turtle, picture soon.