WIR 12/28-1/3

Wednesday 12/28: BBN: coyote, 7 Song Sparrows in one bush, lots of juncos, not much else.

Thursday 12/29: Paine, nothing exciting.

Friday 12/30: Purgatory Cove was frozen. The river was still somewhat open. Lots of mallards and black ducks, plus many gulls on the ice. Twelve or so coots visible (and a few more from Charlesbank, not sure how many overlapped).

Saturday 12/31: Chased stuff.

Sunday 1/1: BBC trip as usual (link soon). Almost 60 species including the continuing Cassin’s Kingbird and Barnacle Goose plus a Snowy Owl and other good stuff.

Monday 1/2: Cambridge Res had the coot flock (where’d they spend December?). Flint’s Pond had a few ducks, nothing exceptional. Lark Sparrow was up and about at Waltham St. Claypit Pond in Belmont had geese. Arlington Res had most of the continuing birds (no snipe) plus a Peregrine. Waldorf Pond had mallards and Hardy Pond had mergansers.

Tuesday 1/3: Charles: 3 Hoodies, 1 Common Merganser, 2 Common Goldeneye.