WIR 1/4-1/10

Wednesday 1/4: Hardy Pond: few mergansers, swans, geese, gulls. Not much still open.

Thursday 1/5: Lot 1 had 6 waxwings and 19 turkeys.

Friday 1/6: Duck ponds were mostly frozen but had the usual Mallard, Black, and Hooded Merganser. Also 10 turkeys and a Winter Wren (#84 for the site).

Saturday 1/7: Walked from home to Rock Meadow. Highlights along the way: 1 Winter Wren and a Great Horned Owl at Lot 1, Swamp Sparrow at West Meadow, and a Rusty Blackbird at Met State. Couldn’t dig up any bluebirds or tree sparrows though and a single Red-tail was it for raptors.


Sunday 1/8: Drove around checking some ponds. Gadwall and 40 Hooded Mergansers at Cambridge Res, not much at Flint’s Pond, coots and a Bufflehead at Spy Pond, and more coots and some banded geese at Horn Pond. Also stopped to see if anything was among the pipits at the School St fields but the pipits were flying off as I arrived.

Monday 1/9: Moody St had another increase in gulls. The Iceland was still around and I eventually picked out the (presumably) returning Lesser Black-backed finally.

Lesser Black-back

Tuesday 1/10: Nothing at BBN.