WIR 3/28-4/3

Wednesday 3/28: Pouring when I went out at lunch, so stopped at Hardy Pond and it immediately got nice. First Double-crested Cormorant of the year, 25 Great Black-backs, the usual.

Thursday 3/29: Purgatory Cove had a Green-winged Teal (or pair) in with about 10 Wood Duck. Tree Swallows over the river and a phoebe along the edge.

Friday 3/30: Prospect Hill was pretty much as Paine was earlier in the week.

Saturday 3/31: Quick buzz of Cambridge Res (1 Bufflehead, a few geese, 2 mallard) and Flint’s Pond (Common Mergansers, Ring-necks, Ruddy, Tree Swallows) in the morning. Out to New Salem, where 2 Purple Finches showed up at Ethan’s feeders. Walking around the center of town midafternoon, we had a Pine Warbler, Hermit Thrush, and Bald Eagle.


Sunday 4/1: About the same at Ethan’s feeders but a sapsucker was new and nice. A quick drive around added 2 turkeys. Seven more on the way home. Arlington Res in the afternoon: 5 GW Teal, 1 Gadwall, 1 Ruddy, 5 snipe, 1 Tree Swallow. Interesting Cooper’s in the yard:

Interesting Coop

Monday 4/2: Pretty sure I was hearing a Virginia Rail down the street this morning (plus a heron dropped in). Nothing much at the duck ponds.

Tuesday 4/3: Nothing exciting at BBN. Rail was much more obvious today, got a minimal recording in the evening.