WIR 4/4-4/10

Wednesday 4/4: Swamp Sparrow singing at the end of the street in the morning, kestrel flyover in the afternoon. West Meadow at lunch added Turkey Vulture to the patch year list (finally) along with Clouded Sulphur and Eastern Comma.

Thursday 4/5: Nothing much at Prospect Hill.

Friday 4/6: Great Meadows on the day off: Rough-winged and Barn Swallows, 4 shoveler, etc.

Saturday 4/7: Joined the MBC trip at Arlington Res. More Rough-wings and otherwise similar to last week.

Sunday 4/8: Great Meadows, just missed the Sandhill Crane. On to Horn Pond where the Red-necked Grebe was present but sleeping.

Stretching Red-neck


Sleeping Red-neck

Monday 4/9: BBN was pretty quiet.

Tuesday 4/10: Kestrel at Rock Meadow.