WIR 6/27-7/3

Wednesday 6/27: Prospect Hill was fairly quiet. Too cloudy for insects and nothing exciting for birds.

Thursday 6/28: Had the day off. Great Meadows, nothing different. At Alan Ankers’ recommendation, checked out the Cranberry Bog in Carlisle for odes. Nothing exceptional today (although the possible reddish saddlebags would have been had it stayed around) but lots of potential. Quick stop at Fort Pond Brook didn’t have much.

Friday 6/29: Half day off so came home at lunch and then lazed around.

Saturday 6/30: Lot 1 and West Meadow in the morning. Blue-winged Warblers off Walnut St were presumably another pair (or offspring). Delaware Skipper, Banded Hairstreak, and Dun Skipper new butterflies for the year, plus a couple patch year tick dragonflies.

Sunday 7/1: Joined the MBC trip to Horn Pond Mountain. Found the usual hairstreaks, a buckeye, etc. Orchard Oriole was the best bird, nothing exciting among the odes.

Monday 7/2: Nothing doing.

Tuesday 7/3: Not much at the duck ponds. Skimming Bluet was new for the patch this year. Evening twitch of the Black-bellied Whistling-Duck at Great Meadows went much better than last year’s.