WIR 8/22-8/28

Wednesday 8/22: Nothing doing at Rock Meadow but good stuff later.

Thursday 8/23: Blue-winged Teal at Purgatory Cove. Great Meadows BBC trip in the evening was fairly quiet. Little Blue and Snowy Egret showed fairly well but the circling shorebirds and blackbirds did not.

Friday 8/24: Few RB Nuthatches at Paine.

Saturday 8/25: Long walk around Prospect Hill. Olive-sided Flycatcher, Least Flycatcher, Canada Warbler, 25+ RB Nuthatch. Would have been better if the possible Mourning Warbler popped up for another couple seconds of viewing. Stopped at north end of the Cambridge Res after, all the usual shorebirds plus 4 Great Egrets.

Olive-sided Takeoff



Sunday 8/26: BBN: Blackburnian, Parula, Raven, Solitary Sandpiper.




Monday 8/27: North end of the Cambridge Res was pretty quiet.

Tuesday 8/28: Bank Swallows at Hardy Pond before work.