WIR 8/29-9/4

Wednesday 8/29: Green Heron and Gray Hairstreak (yet another butterfly patch tick) at the duck ponds, very little else.

Thursday 8/30: Morning run around Rock Meadow: patch tick Bay-breasted (finally), BT Green, Black-and-white, Chestnut-sided, 3 Warbling Vireo, 2 RB Grosbeak, Baltimore Oriole, 2 hummingbirds. BBN at lunch: BT Green, Shadow and Green-striped Darners, Spotted Spreadwings. More spreadwings and 2 Turkey Vultures during a fire drill at work.

Friday 8/31: Cambridge Res again. Two Pectorals, a few Semipalmated Sandpipers, the usual.

Saturday 9/1: Out to Otis for the weekend. Didn’t leave the porch but had probably 400-500 Monarchs plus a kestrel and probable harrier.

Sunday 9/2: Explored Otis State Forest. Ended up with 11 species of warbler including a Tennessee, plus Least Flycatcher, Black-billed Cuckoo, and a few other things.

Monday 9/3: Nothing of note out west, but a quick check of the Cambridge Res had about the same as Friday.

Tuesday 9/4: BBN before work: Yellow-billed Cuckoo (oops, forgot to update the list at the time and this was #100 for the patch year list) and parula. Swallows at Hardy Pond at lunch, nothing at the Cambridge Res.