WIR 9/5-9/11

Wednesday 9/5: 60+ Wood Ducks and a couple Spotted Sandpipers at Purgatory Cove (sandpipers and half of the ducks on the river). Cambridge Res after work had a nighthawk but otherwise about the same.

Thursday 9/6: Prospect Hill in the morning was on the quiet side. Two parula, a Blackpoll, a Pine, a Redstart, and lots of RB Nuthatches. More nuthatches at Paine.

Friday 9/7: Just about nothing at BBN.

Saturday 9/8: Walked to Rock Meadow. Redstarts all along, Black-and-white and Blackpoll at Lot 1, Wilson’s and 2 Bobolink at the West Meadow, and a Canada Warbler at BBN.

Sunday 9/9: Started at Great Meadows which was pretty quiet. About 20 Least Sandpipers and a Solitary at the Cambridge Res. Decided to stop at Hayden Woods on the way back and found one flock with a couple Parula, Blackpoll, and Scarlet Tanagers.

Monday 9/10: BBN in the morning: turkey (in flight), Redstart, Bobolink were it. Wild Indigo Duskywings at Prospect Hill at lunch, but next to no birds.

Tuesday 9/11: Rock Meadow was pretty quiet but I did eventually dig up a parula.