WIR 9/12-9/18

Wednesday 9/12: Nothing exciting at Hardy Pond.

Thursday 9/13: Rock Meadow before work: Palm Warbler among a handful of others. Green-winged Teal at Purgatory Cove.

Friday 9/14: Prospect Hill: Redstart and pewee at the base. Walked up to the water tanks and back and saw one bird on the hill. It was a Connecticut Warbler.

Saturday 9/15: Arlington Res: Dickcissel at Busa, not much else. Up in NH for a wedding, lots of Monarchs along the beach. Quick stop at Cambridge Res had something:


Sunday 9/16: Started at the Wayland Community Gardens with first of fall Lincoln’s Sparrow and Blue-headed Vireo. Moved on to Assabet River NWR hoping for crossbills. No luck but one nice flock of warblers and a Field Sparrow, plus first of fall White-throated Sparrows (and probably a junco).

Field Sparrow

Monday 9/17: Rock Meadow and BBN: 10 warblers, almost all in good numbers. Also Scarlet Tanager, Lincoln’s Sparrow, many White-throated Sparrows, a Wood Thrush, etc. Tried to pad the list up to 50 with a stop at the duck ponds. Didn’t quite get there but did have a Swainson’s Thrush (to balance out the one that got away at BBN).


BT Blue

Tuesday 9/18: Paine: borderline late Ovenbird, Parula, Pine Warbler, couple RB Nuthatches. Likely more but looking up into the gray sky made things impossible.