WIR 9/19-9/25

Wednesday 9/19: BBN was pretty quiet. Good variety of dragonflies but the flock of warblers didn’t show up until I had to leave.

Thursday 9/20: Made quick trip to the UMass Field Station in the morning. Barely had time to check the community garden portion but had a Lincoln’s, Swamp, and White-throat. Prospect Hill at lunch had 3 ravens and a sharpie.

Friday 9/21: Hardy Pond before work: kingfisher, Chimney Swifts, Blackpoll. Purgatory Cove: Wigeon, 5 GW Teal, 50+ Wood Duck, 22 Mute Swan (ugh), 3 Rough-winged Swallow.

Saturday 9/22: Cambridge Res to Waltham St. to Rock Meadow to Met State, posted most on ArlingtonBirds but add a Field Sparrow at the north end of the res and Purple Finches at Waltham St.


Sunday 9/23: Led MBC trip to Lincoln where Karsten found a Blue Grosbeak. Farm Meadow was hopping with common stuff as well. Lindentree was quiet by the time we got there.

Blue Grosbeak

Monday 9/24: West Meadow was quiet at lunch. Dunback in the afternoon looking for Western Kingbird. Another nice Merlin, plus a Virginia Rail(!).


Tuesday 9/25: Rock Meadow started with a Blackburnian in the parking lot. A fertilizer truck was driving all over the fields, so stuck to the gardens where I found 2 Indigo Buntings and not much else.