WIR 1/23-1/29

Wednesday 1/23: Too cold to get out at the duck ponds and there was nothing in sight. No fruit trees with any birds either in a quick drive around.

Thursday 1/24: Still too cold but did manage to zip through Norumbega (which was frozen, so 3 gulls, 3 geese, and 6 pigeons).

Friday 1/25: River walk again, about the same except for a young Bald Eagle flying up Newton St.

Saturday 1/26: Quick check of the res (frozen today, was open Thursday) then a short walk around Cat Rock Park (nuthatches, a creeper, and lots of Red-bellied Woodpeckers). Forest Grove: no gulls worth getting the scope out for. Moody St: lots of gulls including the Iceland but not much else.

Sunday 1/27: WLT Duck walk. Big crowd and cold wind. Lots of mergansers and Ring-necks and a second (or even third) goldeneye.

Monday 1/28: Nothing different at the duck ponds.

Tuesday 1/29: Ended up at Beaver Brook and immediately remembered why I stopped going here. Over 20 dogs in front of the parking lot (and no more than 7 owners/handlers). Needless to say, I didn’t see much of note.

Also, only publishable┬ádidn’t refer to quality. Plenty of better photos around, but here’s a similar shot.