WIR 1/30-2/5

Wednesday 1/30: BBN had a couple bluebirds and lots of mud.

Thursday 1/31: Nothing different along the riverwalk.

Friday 2/1: Forest Grove: 2 creepers, lots of the usual ducks but too windy to search through them. About 30 coots at Norumbega.

Saturday 2/2: Started with a quick scan of Hardy Pond (nothing of note) and Cambridge Res (coyote towards the Trapelo end but no birds). Flint’s Pond was similar, so on to Farm Meadow. Nothing exciting there but a nice flock of waxwings at Codman was good. At the gardens I found a big flock of starlings and picked out a few cowbirds. Hoping for more, I started scanning but a fire engine left the station right then and everything flushed. I moved on to Lindentree and found nothing, so I continued to School St and had 5 crows. A quick stop at Norumbega (no coots) and Forest Grove (gulls, mallards, and geese) was not productive, but an adult Bald Eagle was flying over as I drove off. Quick trip from Prospect to Moody had a male Bufflehead but not much else.


Sunday 2/3: Walked to Rock Meadow and had absolutely nothing.

Monday 2/4: Prospect Hill: windy and barely any birds.

Tuesday 2/5: Couldn’t find the snipe reported yesterday at Forest Grove (and the river was frozen so I didn’t expect the scaup). A couple Red-bellies, a Hairy, and not much else.