WIR 2/6-2/12

Wednesday 2/6: River walk: usual plus a Lesser Scaup by Elm St (suspect a young male) and a scaup sp (suspect Greater) by Shaw’s.

Thursday 2/7: Ended up at Rock Meadow (went to the duck ponds but they were working on both ponds) and nothing much of note.

Friday 2/8: Stayed in, nothing exciting in the yard.

Saturday 2/9: 3 redpolls in the yard for a second record. Usual stuff otherwise, but Hooded Mergansers and a couple coots swam into view late in the afternoon.

Sunday 2/10: No redpolls, nothing else different.

Monday 2/11: Not surprisingly, didn’t get outside.

Tuesday 2/12: Made it to the river walk. Snow made for slow going and I only had time to get to the second overlook. Lots of mergansers and a Bufflehead. Adult Cooper’s in the yard.