WIR 2/13-2/19

Wednesday 2/13: Forest Grove: river almost frozen, little bit open by the pump house had 10 coots and 200+ common waterfowl. Walking down to the playground added several Red-bellied Woodpeckers and not much else of note.

Thursday 2/14: River walk again. Great Cormorant was nice, as were 4 Bufflehead and the continuing Lesser Scaup (no sign of the unidentified one though).

Friday 2/15: Duck ponds looked like no one had walked around since the storm. Very little wildlife too, although two Hooded Mergansers and a muskrat sharing a hole in the ice about the size of a sink was odd.

Saturday 2/16: Started at Cambridge Res where it was too snowy to check. On to Meriam’s Corner and Kaveski Farm where I joined the crowd in not seeing the Le Conte’s Sparrow. Did manage the shrike on the way back and some flyover redpolls and a probable Rusty Blackbird. Decided to take the wild shot at another Le Conte’s and checked Bacon St at Dunback without much of anything (and nothing in the pines).

Sunday 2/17: Stared out the window during the storm. Added scaup sp to the yard list.

Monday 2/18: Stared out the window as it was too windy to go out and saw nothing different.

Tuesday 2/19: Sharpie in the yard first thing. Forest Grove had a few Red-winged Blackbirds flying over and another Swamp Sparrow.