WIR 11/20-11/26

Wednesday 11/20: Started at Rock Meadow but it was too windy. Moved to School St where I worked the larks and pipits for 45 minutes but couldn’t find a longspur. Quick check of Flint’s Pond (no obvious scoters/loons/grebes but wasn’t about to get the scope out and then a quick walk through Waltham St. had nothing.

Thursday 11/21: Shrike and 2+ White-crowns at Kaveski. Still no luck with longspurs at School St. Lots of ducks but nothing exciting at Flint’s.

Friday 11/22: Waited out the rain before a quick check of the Cambridge Res. Two eagles but no scoters, so I ran around Fresh Pond and got the 2 White-wings that had been hanging around, plus a loon and a few scaup.

Saturday 11/23: Charles from Shaw’s to Prospect St then a scan of Purgatory Cove and Norumbega without anything of note. Ducks in bad light at Cambridge Res but nothing jumped out.

Sunday 11/24: Early check of Cambridge Res had ducks in awful light. Nothing at the north end (mostly with a bit of ice) or Hardy.

Monday 11/25: Dunback had the catbird still, a Killdeer, bluebird, Fox Sparrow, and Great Horned Owl.

Tuesday 11/26: Started by heading west. Flint’s had the usual. Spent 40 minutes at School St, pretty sure I heard a longspur in with the larks at one point but no luck finding it. Norumbega had gulls, geese, and mallards (and ice). Purgatory Cove was frozen but a Great Cormorant on the river was a nice surprise. Cambridge Res looked fairly quiet.