WIR 11/13-11/19

Wednesday 11/13: Walked from Lot 1 to the big marsh at BBN. Lots of waxwings, a Fox Sparrow, and a late Common Yellowthroat plus 2 deer.

Thursday 11/14: Checked Forest Grove and Purgatory Cove without too much, then the res on the way home (tons of Ring-necks but no luck with the Redhead).

Friday 11/15: Great Meadows had 85+ GW Teal and some other ducks (including a Ruddy) but not much else. Checked Barrett’s Mill for the Ipswich Sparrow quickly but lots of dogs. Continued to School St where there were 450 Canada Geese and lots of pipits, larks, and cowbirds but couldn’t find a better goose or a longspur.

Saturday 11/16: Quick check of the res found birds too far out. Dunback was busy with highlights including the continuing catbird and Barred Owl, and Orange-crowned Warbler, and a Lincoln’s Sparrow. An interesting gull got away but was probably an Iceland. Waltham St. had nothing but geese.




Sunday 11/17: Started at BBN. Palm Warbler up the hill was pretty much the only thing of interest (plus a Chipping Sparrow on the return). West Meadow had a Yellow-rump, a Fox Sparrow, and what was probably Wednesday’s yellowthroat plus 3 deer. Around the res after with Hooded Mergansers all over, plenty of Ruddies, 6 Gadwall, 3 goldeneye, and the usual Ring-necks.


Field Companions


Monday 11/18: Morning check of the res had nothing different. Four Greater Scaup at Hardy Pond were nice. Ended up at Great Meadows late afternoon and had a nice flight at dusk (although nothing exciting beyond a probable night-heron).

Tuesday 11/19: Windy at Arlington Res without anything different (10+ Gadwall were the best). Same at Cambridge Res.