WIR 12/25-12/31

Wednesday 12/25: Stayed in.

Thursday 12/26: Peregrine near the Elm St carwash but otherwise not much between the river walk and Prospect St. Tree Sparrow at the feeder was the first in a couple years.

Friday 12/27: Wandered to Revere Beach where 1 Glaucous and 1 Iceland cooperated.

Saturday 12/28: Waltham St and Dunback were generally quiet. Lots of Tree Sparrows, a couple bluebirds, a few hawks, etc.

Sunday 12/29: Forest Grove had a creeper and not much. Peregrine at Moody St. Another creeper and not much along the riverwalk. Eagle at the res.

Monday 12/30: First Red-bellied in the yard in a few months. Too windy at Meriam’s and Kaveski. Snow Buntings and Horned Larks at School St.

Tuesday 12/31: Started at Rock Meadow, which had a Sharp-shinned Hawk and not much else. Decided a quick check of the field station was a good idea. No sparrow flock that was there during the CBC (but a big bunch of turkey(?) feathers). Walked the field hoping for buntings or something. Got 3/4 of the way around, figured there weren’t any and noticed 9 almost at my feet.

Snow Bunting

Snow Bunting

Continued to School St (no buntings/larks while I was there) then Hanscom (more buntings, a male Harrier, and a distant Snowy).