WIR 1/1-1/7

Wednesday 1/1: The usual BBC trip. Six Snowies, Red-headed Woodpecker, Ross’s and Cackling Geese, 4 Iceland, Black-headed, and Glaucous Gull, etc.


Iceland 3


Thursday 1/2: Snow. All the expected stuff at the feeders.

Friday 1/3: Still stayed in. About the same.

Saturday 1/4: Figured the Mystic Lakes would be open. They barely were but a couple Great Cormorants and a flock of Snow Buntings were nice. Continued to Oak Grove and got the sparrows easily.

Sunday 1/5: River walk: Wood Duck, Lesser Scaup, lots of the usual ducks, and a Bald Eagle finishing a meal. Continued to Moody St where the Iceland Gull was in close. Checked the area east of Watertown Square after but couldn’t find the thrasher. Very quick check by Forest Grove didn’t have anything worth walking for and what I thought was open water on the res on the way home was ice.



Monday 1/6: Cold.

Tuesday 1/7: Quick check of the Cambridge Res. Surprisingly a bit of open water, but 2 gulls and nothing else.