WIR 1/8-1/14

Wednesday 1/8: Res again, still a bit open but 12 gulls and nothing else. Cruised Nine Acre Corner out to School St and nothing more than a couple larks.

Thursday 1/9: About the same from Forest Grove to the Riverwalk including more large gulls, the Iceland, and the eagle and scaup.

Friday 1/10: Eventually wandered to BBN. Trails were solid ice and I gave up fairly quickly. Decided to check the parkway on the way out but as I passed the trail uphill I heard an odd call. Eventually tracked down and confirmed.


And since I was now halfway up the hill, I looped back up as it was too icy to go down.

With a (couple day old) report of an adult Glaucous Gull at Fresh Pond, I wandered over but had nothing.

Saturday 1/11: Dunback was foggy and fairly quiet. Sharpie and 2 Winter Wrens about it. Nothing at Moody St, Purgatory Cove, the res, or Hardy Pond.

Sunday 1/12: BBN and West Meadow again as the ice was manageable. Couple bluebirds and some waxwings were about it.

Monday 1/13: Lindentree had bluebirds and a couple Red-winged Blackbirds, plus a Pileated in the woods. Two goldeneye on the res. Not much at the Mystic Lakes but some kinglets on the ice at Sandy Beach were nice.

Tuesday 1/14: Rainy and nasty.