WIR 1/15-1/21

Wednesday 1/15: Nothing new at the river. Fresh Pond was pretty quiet, no owls or odd gulls.

Thursday 1/16: Long walk around Great Meadows had 3 Marsh Wrens and a chipmunk.

Friday 1/17: Went to Mary Cummings Park for a reported Snowy Owl. Owl turned out to be from the mall but I had a catbird, Red-winged Blackbird, raven, and a tick. Horn Pond after had another raven and a Red-breasted Merganser.


Saturday 1/18: Started at Norumbega (a few mergansers), then Purgatory Cove. Pretty sure the first bird I saw scanning from the car was another Red-breasted Merganser but I never found it again. Did have a Bufflehead and a couple Ring-necks plus more mergansers and the usual landbirds.

Sunday 1/19: Dunback and Waltham St were pretty quiet. GH Owl and a Winter Wren were it.

Monday 1/20: Walked around Lone Tree Hill, Habitat, and Rock Meadow. Another GH Owl but not much else. Afternoon walk on the Charles was quiet, no mergansers at all.

Tuesday 1/21: Iceland Gull was back near Moody St but not much else.