WIR 4/2-4/8

Wednesday 4/3: Walked around Forest Grove while waiting for an oil change. At least 2 Fox Sparrows, 4 scaup, etc. Quick drive through NAC after found fewer geese.

Thursday 4/4: Started the day with a Yellow-rump in the yard.

Yard Yellow-rump

Decided to explore Bedford a bit (for the project). Started at Fawn Lake where the first two birds out of the car were a phoebe and Osprey. Also a big flock of Ring-necks with some Bufflehead and a Hooded Merganser mixed in, a bluebird, and a few other things. Walked the biking trail from there hoping to find Buehler’s Pond. I think I did, although it was totally frozen. Two Hermit Thrushes on the bike trail and a Barred Owl on a side trail made it worthwhile. From here I tried to find some conservation land along the river without luck and then went to the frozen pond behind Shawsheen cemetery. Finally, I stopped at Waltham St and flushed a snipe.

Friday 4/4: Started at Rock Meadow. Lots of Tree Swallows but not too much else most of the way around. Some scratching just before crossing to BBN had me expecting a Fox Sparrow. Instead, a catbird popped up! BBN was quiet, although I spent a good bit of time talking to Knut instead of birding as we went back to Rock Meadow and couldn’t refind the catbird. Quick check of the res had some scaup, but I didn’t feel like scoping to confirm as Greater. Mourning Cloak flyby along Trapelo.

Saturday 4/5: Confirmed the scaup as Greater plus had a Red-breasted Merganser at the res. Common Loon on Flint’s. Usual at Nine Acre. Tried to check Heard Pond but Pelham Island Rd was flooded so I continued to Forest Grove instead. A Rough-winged among the Tree Swallows and a single scaup were about it. Quick check of Hardy Pond on the way home had another scaup, 20+ Bufflehead, and 3 Ruddy.

Sunday 4/6: Joined the MBC trip to Arlington Res (4 snipe, 2 phoebe, etc). Quick check of the res and Hayden Woods after had nothing of note.

Monday 4/7: Cat Rock Park had a nice Fox Sparrow and I was able to see a raven landing on the Prospect Hill tower.

Tuesday 4/8: Checked the res and Flint’s and had almost nothing at both. Nine Acre was about the same. Spent 30 minutes at the tower at Great Meadows without much worth mentioning. At least one Rusty singing at the end of the street in the afternoon.