WIR 4/9-4/15

Wednesday 4/9: Pine Warbler, 2 Hermit Thrushes, and 3-6 Turkey Vultures at Prospect Hill and a Fox Sparrow at the duck ponds.

Thursday 4/10: Checked conditions at BBN and didn’t see much beyond a Turkey Vulture and a few Swamp Sparrows.

Friday 4/11: Palm Warblers and Barn Swallow at Arlington Res. Savannah Sparrows and nothing else at McClennen Park.

Saturday 4/12: Joined the MBC trip at Horn Pond, pretty quiet. Breeding plumaged Horned Grebe at the res on the way home. The less said about the Purgatory Cove trip in the afternoon, the better.

Sunday 4/13: Only able to get out for a couple minutes and didn’t find much of anything on the Cambridge Res or Flint’s.

Monday 4/14: Didn’t get out.

Tuesday 4/15: Loon at the res plus Arlington Res.