WIR 12/3-12/9

Wednesday 12/3: Usual at the ponds (other than big numbers of American Black Ducks). Stupidly drove past an eagle on Pelham Island Rd figuring it would stay for the 5 minutes it would take to check Heard Pond.

Thursday 12/4: Siskin and 2 Red-wings at Dunback but still no redpolls.

Friday 12/5: An hour on the platform at Great Meadows had very little (60 coots, 1 bunting/lark call overhead, a few bluebirds, a probable Red-shoulder).

Saturday 12/6: Finally got up the energy to get out late afternoon. Nothing at Norumbega down to Edgewater. Tons of ducks at the Cambridge Res. Nothing new, but 225+ Ring-neck, 120+ Hooded Merganser, 65+ wigeon, 120ish coot, and 2 eagles.

Sunday 12/7: Walked from BBN to Lot 1. Purple Finch at Lot 1, GH Owl at the West Meadow (assist to the Red-tail taking a swipe at it), and lots and lots of American Tree Sparrows. Also another interesting Red-tail (and poor views of the one from last week again).

Monday 12/8: Nothing at Purgatory Cove or Norumbega. Still had a bit of time, so checked Pelham Island Rd and had 2 shovelers and a Gadwall among the mass of Mallards and geese.

Tuesday 12/9: Nothing exciting at Heard.