WIR 12/10-12/16

Wednesday 12/10: Too dark to really see but about the same at the res, nothing much at Flint’s, Heard, or Pelham Island Rd.

Thursday 12/11: Few mergansers and a Bufflehead at Hardy. Hermit Thrush and nothing else at the riverwalk. Very quick buzz of Purgatory Cove had an Iceland Gull.

Iceland Gull

Friday 12/12: Dunback pretty quiet.

Saturday 12/13: Started at BBN. Sapsucker along the parkway was nice, as was a Winter Wren while trying to get from Dawes to the West Meadow (which was under a foot of water). Not much else there, nothing at the field station or Moody St. No Iceland Gull near Forest Grove or in the Shaw’s lot. Same big flock at the res which I didn’t feel like scoping. Goldeneye at Hardy Pond among the usuals.

Sunday 12/14: CBC. Not going to bother with a full report, but Barred Owl and Red-winged Blackbirds at Dunback, Bluebird at Lot 1, Savannah Sparrow (new for the sector) at the field station, and the usual ducks.

Monday 12/15: Pintail at Forest Grove, not too much else.

Tuesday 12/16: Checked the Mackerel Hill bit of BBN for a change. Yellow-rump was yet another bird that would have been nice on Sunday but nothing overly exciting otherwise.