WIR 12/17-12/23

Wednesday 12/17: Hardy Pond had nothing exciting, Heard Pond had nothing, and there was nothing more than a few geese and Mallards at the town building.

Thursday 12/18: Res had tons of ducks including more scaup and 3 Gadwall.

Friday 12/19: Cackling Goose and Ruddy at Great Meadows.

Cackling Goose

Saturday 12/20: 5 Purple Finches and a Winter Wren at Dunback.

Sunday 12/21: Nothing exciting along the river. More gulls but nothing good among them.

Monday 12/22: Sapsucker was still around at BBN but not much else.

Tuesday 12/23: Hunting for goldeneye without any luck from Prospect St to Norumbega.