WIR 3/11-3/17

Wednesday 3/11: Another quick check of the town building added another Wood Duck or two, a few more mergansers, and a Ring-neck. Probably had a good-sized flock of grackles heading home.

Thursday 3/12: Got the coot I missed at the building plus more Wood Ducks. River Rd had Ring-necks and Hoodies.

Friday 3/13: Zipped through Nine Acre Corner and Water Row without much of anything. Finally had a grackle from the yard though.

Saturday 3/14: Got ready to head up, opened the door and heard the rain, went back in.

Sunday 3/15: Fish Crow(s), 1 Cedar Waxwing, 8 Ring-necks, 4 Bufflehead, 2 Common Mergansers at the river walk. Four Wood Duck, 1 Common Merganser at Forest Grove. Eagle and more mergs at Norumbega. Grackles and/or Red-winged Blackbirds everywhere. Res and Hardy still frozen.

Monday 3/16: Turkey Vulture in Lincoln, usual ducks plus some land birds and a heron at the town building.

Tuesday 3/17: Too nasty in the morning, but pulled throug the town building driveway on the way home and added a couple GW Teal.