WIR 3/18-3/24

Wednesday 3/18: Very quick afternoon check of River Rd had 65+ Ring-necks.

Thursday 3/19: Same old

Friday 3/20: Tree Swallows at River Rd looked cold.

Saturday 3/21: Wandered the river a bit midafternoon. Nothing exciting around Shaw’s. Lots of Wood Ducks, Bufflehead, Ring-necks, a few GW Teal, and a Turkey Vulture at Forest Grove. Lesser Scaup at Norumbega (side note, finally looked at the map and noticed how that’s all Weston, which takes my Weston list to 100 and only drops 4 from my Newton list).

Sunday 3/22: Tried Dunback in the wind. Great Horned with a squirrel was about it. Drove through NAC after but nothing more than a handful of mergansers.

Monday 3/23: No luck with Common Teal at the town building, wigeon was new at least.

Tuesday 3/24: Nothing different.