WIR 3/25-3/31

Wednesday 3/25: Stopped at Purgatory Cove for a few minutes scanning the river. At least 6 teal and a pintail among the normal stuff.

Thursday 3/26: Cowbirds in the yard.

Friday 3/27: Too rainy in the morning, exactly nothing at River Rd on the way home.

Saturday 3/28: Killdeer and Horned Larks at School St, more Killdeer at Nine Acre. And a mammal. Crows appeared to be working on a nest in the yard this morning too.

Sunday 3/29: Started with a quick check of Rock Meadow, where a towhee was a nice surprise. Nothing much at the duck ponds on the way home. After pancakes, off to Great Meadows. Turkey Vulture came in and landed, harrier and kestrel over, and not much else.

Vulture on ice


Monday 3/30: Tons of ducks on the river by Purgatory Cove plus a flyover kingfisher and a Great Cormorant. Double-crested at Norumbega.

Tuesday 3/31: Stopped at BBN on the way in. Only had time for the parkway and a bit of the path by the marsh, but phoebe overhead and 2 Fox Sparrows were nice.