WIR 4/1-4/7

Wednesday 4/1: Squeezed in a quick stop at the School St fields where the Greater Yellowlegs was still wandering around. Good number of larks and enough wind and traffic backing up on Rt. 2 that I didn’t spend much more time scanning.

Thursday 4/2: Turned rather cold and raw as I was heading to Heard Farm. Managed a couple Rusties but not much else.

Friday 4/3: Close to an hour at the platform at Great Meadows had lots of blackbirds and geese plus a few goldeneye and a snipe.

Saturday 4/4: Rough-winged Swallows and a Pied-billed Grebe at Norumbega. Purgatory Cove had a scaup, phoebe, etc. Forest Grove added another phoebe, a Palm Warbler, a Fox Sparrow, and another(?) Pied-billed. Res still frozen. Lots of snipe and blackbirds at Waltham St.

Sunday 4/5: Too windy at BBN, but another Fox Sparrow, a Kestrel, and 8+ Rusty Blackbirds were good. Tried some car birding, with snipe, 2 pintail, and a Horned Lark at School St, lots of teal at Nine Acre, and an eagle at Hardy Pond.

Monday 4/6: Car work, so no field time. Raccoon wandered through the yard though midmorning.

Tuesday 4/7: Quick run through Nine Acre had a male harrier, tons of teal, and a brief view of an otter.