WIR 4/8-4/14

Wednesday 4/8: Sapsucker (Charles #156) at Forest Grove among lots of the usual.


Thursday 4/9: Nothing on any of the ponds.

Friday 4/10: Still nothing on the ponds.

Saturday 4/11: Nothing at Flint’s on the way to Meriam’s Corner. Got nice views of the ibis flock and a bonus Vesper Sparrow. Lots of blackbirds and robins and not much else. On to Great Meadows, which was far too windy. Lots of Tree Swallows, 3 Osprey, 3 eagles. Res opened overnight but nothing much on it.

Sunday 4/12: Prospect Hill for the first time this year. Ravens had young, although I couldn’t get a count. Also first of year Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Pine Warbler, and Red-breasted Nuthatch, plus tons of GC Kinglets and Chipping Sparrows, several Hermit Thrushes and Fox Sparrows, and a few other things. Nothing much at any of the ponds (Ruddy at Hardy was about it). Still a Tree Sparrow at Purgatory Cove in the afternoon.

Monday 4/13: Field Sparrows and lots of Rusties at BBN.

Tuesday 4/14: Nothing terribly exciting on a pond check in the morning (Pine and Palm at Flint’s and Heard plus a singing Winter Wren at Flint’s). Did the res again in the afternoon and had a Horned Grebe.