WsIR 6/10-6/23

Two weeks as my laptop was dead in the middle.

Wednesday 6/10: Singing redstart and nothing else at Purgatory Cove.

Thursday 6/11: Ended up at Farm Meadow: 20ish Bobolinks, Veery.

Friday 6/12: Dunback had an Alder Flycatcher but no Red-headed Woodpecker.

Saturday 6/13: Checked Fawn Lake in Bedford briefly (nothing terribly exciting), then the river crossing on 225 (YB Cuckoo) while heading to the ode walk at the Cranberry Bog. Think 27 species there, all the expected ones but no luck with Carolina Saddlebags. Twelve-spotted Tiger Beetles, a Pileated, and BB Cuckoo too.

Sunday 6/14: Minuteman survey, fisher was the best thing by far.

Monday 6/15: Tired and rainy.

Tuesday 6/16: Purgatory Cove had 3 BC Night-Herons.

Wednesday 6/17: Nothing exciting at BBN.

Thursday 6/18: FOY Banded Hairstreak at Prospect Hill.

Friday 6/19: Two Pileated, a kestrel, and 3 deer in the middle of the upper impoundment at Great Meadows.

Saturday 6/20: Ashby to Townsend to Groton to Carlisle. Spatterdock Darners in Ashby, Twin-spotted Spiketail and Louisiana Waterthrushes in Groton, first meadowhawks in Carlisle.

Sunday 6/21: Too rainy.

Monday 6/22: Nothing overly exciting at College Pond.

Tuesday 6/23: Nothing overly exciting on the trails behind Farm Meadow.