WIR 9/2-9/8

Wednesday 9/2: Redstart, 3 orioles, lots of robins at Rock Meadow.

Thursday 9/3: More yellowlegs at Hobbs Brook but nothing terribly exciting with them (or in the trees along the road).

Friday 9/4: Absolutely dead at Purgatory and Forest Grove.

Saturday 9/5: Did a long loop of West Meadow and BBN and found 1 Ovenbird. Seven Semipalmated Plovers at Hobbs Brook among the regulars.

Sunday 9/6: Prospect Hill had 3 Gnatcatchers and not much else. PB Grebe at the res on the way home.

Monday 9/7: Before the real excitement, a flock of yellowlegs with 2 Pecs plus this:


(That’s a video, click through if needed)

Stopped at Elm Brook to get BW Teal for the year, then Kaveski to check for the sandpiper on the way to Hobbs Brook, which was about the same other than the Semipalmated Plover count reaching 11.

Tuesday 9/8: Prairie and Nashville at Dunback, plus a heard only Dickcissel and a massive swarm of some insect.

Insect Swarm