WIR 9/16-9/22

Wednesday 9/16: Rock Meadow was fairly quiet. Parula, Wilson’s, Redstart, Blackpoll, Empid, Monarch.

Thursday 9/17: Moderate selection of warblers at Forest Grove included a Pine, 2+ BT Green, 2 Parula, a Black-and-white, a Chestnut-sided, and a redstart.

Friday 9/18: Sharpie, Parula, very little else at Hayden Woods.

Saturday 9/19: Zip at Dunback and Waltham St. Black-bellied still at Hobbs Brook, which was a surprise as I hadn’t seen any reports all week.

Sunday 9/20: MBC walk to BBN and Rock Meadow. Three redstarts, 2 Red-eyed Vireos, 2 Cooper’s was about it for birds. Monarch and a mantis for insects.

Monday 9/21: Junco, Catharus sp, 2 ravens, and absolutely nothing else at Prospect Hill.

Tuesday 9/22: Black-and-white and the usual at College Pond (probably more if there wasn’t a crew working at the stump dump).