WIR 9/30-10/6

Wednesday 9/30: Too wet in the morning. Quick check of Heard Pond on the way home had nothing, then a brief stop that was mostly at chat at the bridge had about 20 Rough-winged Swallows.

Thursday 10/1: Nothing at Cambridge Res. Hobbs Brook had 2 Osprey, a Palm Warbler, a Great Egret, and the typical shorebirds.

Friday 10/2: Took a detour to Clinton/Sterling on the way to work. Cambridge Res on the way home had a loon, PB Grebe, eagle, and 8 Ring-necks. GH Owl calling around the house at night.

Saturday 10/3: Cambridge Res had the loon, a few ducks mostly too far out, and little else. Four Great Egrets and 12 yellowlegs at Hobbs Brook. Nothing at Flint’s. Marj’s Surf Scoter at Upper Mystic Lake. Nothing at the Earhart Dam or Hardy and nothing different on a second pass of the res.

Sunday 10/4: Joined the MBC walk at Waltham St, which was moderately quiet (2 Lincoln’s, etc). Marj and I did Dunback after, with a sapsucker, towhee, and Merlin highlights there. Very quick check of West Meadow had nothing.

Monday 10/5: Rock Meadow had lots of sparrows but couldn’t find anything interesting. On the way over, I noticed the duck ponds were drained, so made a quick stop. Only 1 Solitary Sandpiper for shorebirds but 4 Rusty Blackbirds were quite nice.

Tuesday 10/6: 2 Sapsuckers, a Winter Wren, and a Blue-headed Vireo at College Pond.