WIR 10/7-10/13

Wednesday 10/7: Nothing much at BBN.

Thursday 10/8: Tons of Swamps at Sudbury community gardens but little else. About 70 Ring-necks on the res on the way home, some wigeon and stuff with them but too far out to count.

Friday 10/9: Eagle, interesting warbler, usual stuff at Purgatory and Forest Grove.

Saturday 10/10: Great Meadows was fairly quiet early (egret, harrier, 2 coots, Pec). Kaveski had a White-crowned Sparrow, a few Palms, another harrier, and lots of Accipiters. Ten Greater Yellowlegs, 1 Lesser, 2 Semipalmated Plovers, and an eagle at Hobbs Brook. Dickcissel at Waltham St. Cambridge Res had 195 Ring-necks.

Sunday 10/11: Merlin, 2 Nashvilles, 1-3 White-crowns, few other things at Danehy. Yellow-rumps, more yellow-rump, more yellow-rumps, and about the same number of White-throats at Dunback. Nothing much at Waltham St or the res.

Monday 10/12: Started at West Meadow, which was fairly quiet. BT Green, Sharpie, nothing much else. Checked around the basketball court at BBN walking back to the car and ended up with 8 sparrows including Field, Lincoln’s, and White-crowned. Continued to Rock Meadow, which was dead, and then the duck ponds. The water was back up, so no shorebirds or Rusties, but 2 Green-winged Teal were only my second for the patch. Also at least 2 BT Blues around the back and what was almost certainly a Parula. On to Arlington Res, still too much water there and some work being done at the solar panels so I skipped Busa. Another BT Blue, 2 Shovelers, 2 Gadwall, 5 Wigeon. Quick check of Hobbs Brook had 7 yellowlegs and 2 egrets. Osprey over the house early evening.

Tuesday 10/13: Too rainy/foggy in the morning and a drop too dark at the res in the evening.