WIR 10/21-10/27

Wednesday 10/21: Great Meadows again. Got out to the platform and eventually noticed a couple shorebirds on the mud. One Dunlin (presumably a continuing bird) and 2 Semipalmated Sandpipers were barely visible and I finally realized there was a Greater Yellowlegs just off the edge. Two coots and a Green-winged Teal walked through. In the middle of a bit of rain, I picked up another shorebird call and eventually picked up an American Golden-Plover going over. Ran out of time after that but a nice hunting Cooper’s and a Kestrel on the way out. And others had Black-bellied Plovers and a White-rumped Sandpiper so my feeling that I was missing stuff was valid.

Thursday 10/22: Started at Hobbs Brook, which was dead (other than Hoodies joining the duck flock), so ran over to Lindentree, which wasn’t that much more exciting.

Friday 10/23: Mostly too windy at Dunback but a big corvid flock going over appeared to be mostly ravens (up to 25!).

Saturday 10/24: 13 species of ducks and 4 shorebirds between Cambridge Res and Hobbs Brook including 250 Ring-necks, both scaup, Common Mergansers, Gadwall, close to 50 wigeon, 10 Pectoral Sandpipers, and 2 Semipalmated Plovers. Nothing much at Flint’s, geese too far out at School St. Besides the longspur, a snipe and Snow Bunting at Great Meadows.

Sunday 10/25: More or less repeated yesterday’s loop. Eight yellowlegs and nothing else at the res, no Ruddies on Flint’s. No longspur at Great Meadows but got better views of the Snow Bunting plus flyover snipe and yellowlegs, a Peregrine, Bald Eagle, and 3 Gadwall. Spent some time on the geese at School St and got the 3 Cackling without too much effort. No shorebirds at Hobbs Brook in a quick scan.

Monday 10/26: 2 Field Sparrows were about it at the Wayland Community Gardens. Just enough light for a quick scan of the res on the way home. Good idea as there were 7 Long-tailed Ducks, which appears to be the high count for the county, along with 2 eagles and a few other things.

Tuesday 10/27: Nothing of note at West Meadow.