WIR 11/4-11/10

Wednesday 11/4: Late Nashville and lots of expected stuff at BBN.

Thursday 11/5: Lots of blackbirds and doves at Dunback.

Friday 11/6: Chased the MacGillivray’s at Arlington Res. Went for camera before views so mostly heard only.

Saturday 11/7: Looped the res quickly (yellowlegs still, not much else) then went back for the warbler. Decent views today. Continued to McClellen with Karsten which was a waste in the wind and then went for Sandy Beach for the Lark Sparrow and warblers.

Sunday 11/8: Joined the MBC walk at Dunback: Purple Finches, 1 Fox Sparrow, sapsucker, GH Owl. Waltham St and the res were dead (did have one sulphur flying around).

Monday 11/9: Great Meadows was quiet (female Ring-neck and a few meadowhawks were the only things of note) and driving around a bit didn’t find much else.

Tuesday 11/10: Merlin and a few other things at BBN and Rock Meadow, then Canvasback at Fresh Pond.