WIR 12/30-1/5

Wednesday 12/30: Wandered to the riverwalk eventually. Icy walking and nothing of note all the way to Prospect St. Quick circle around the res was also fairly quiet, couldn’t find the Aythya flock.

Thursday 12/31: Tried for the Chestnut-sided again with no luck. Stopped at Great Meadows and scanned a bit from the tower, picking up the survey crew’s shovelers. Flock was visible at the res but tightly packed and hard to scan. Afternoon loop of Dunback was dead, quick stop at the duck ponds found the sapsucker and got a black duck for the year patch list.

Friday 1/1: Did the BBC trip as usual, but started at the res. Hoodie got in the way of an eagle for bird 1, but got all the ducks. The trip had the usual stuff highlighted by a Snowy at Plum and the GWF Goose and Red-headed Woodpecker in Ipswich.

Saturday 1/2: Twitches.

Sunday 1/3: Finally started on the local stuff. Yellow-rump was fairly easy at BBN along with 2 ravens. Sapsucker still at the duck ponds was about the only other bird of note, couldn’t find anything good at the res (Canvasback photographed Saturday, pintail Sunday morning).

Monday 1/4: Did a Nine Acre/Pelham Island Rd loop but it was too cold to get out of the car and everything was on the river which was hard to scan.

Tuesday 1/5: Too cold and had errands to run, but managed 5 minutes along the Charles which had 4 coots and little else.