WIR 3/9-3/15

Wednesday 3/9: Quiet at Forest Grove.

Thursday 3/10: Singing creepers and Fox Sparrow at College Pond.

Friday 3/11: Flint’s had mergansers and stuff. Moderate variety at Nine Acre, although nothing particularly noteworthy. Ring-necks and teal on Pelham Island Rd at lunchtime.

Saturday 3/12: Six shovelers on the res, Tree Swallows at Great Meadows, and something in Winthrop.

Sunday 3/13: GW Teal and a good 300ish Ring-necks on the res.

Monday 3/14: Fox Sparrow at Dunback.

Tuesday 3/15: Ton of Tree Swallows at Wayland Town Building. More of the same in a quick scan of the res on the way home.