WIR 3/16-3/22

Wednesday 3/16: Nothing exciting at Nine Acre or in Wayland.

Thursday 3/17: Same old at Forest Grove.

Friday 3/18: Same at BBN.

Saturday 3/19: Woodcocks and a Fox Sparrow at BBN after the loon.

Sunday 3/20: Started by walking to the duck ponds and back. Phoebe at Lot 1, Tree Swallows and 2 Turkey Vultures at Rock Meadow, and then a catbird at the West Meadow on the way back made it mostly worthwhile. Still nice(ish), so went looking for geese without any luck (but more vultures and a herd of 7 deer at School St). Same flock of Ring-necks and scaup at the res, nothing at Waltham St.

Monday 3/21: Snow…

Tuesday 3/22: Tree Swallows and the usual at Forest Grove. Two Gadwall at Norumbega.